Tips for safely cutting down storm damaged trees

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 

The Tree Care Industry Association has some guidelines to help as you clean up debris from recent storms.

If a utility line is down on a tree, DO NOT approach.  assume any downed line is energized.  Call utility company immediately.

When you consider whether or not to remove a tree or large branch yourself, consider:

1. The size and location of the tree.  If the treem is more than 20 feet tall, call a tree care professional.  Do not attempt tow work from a ladder.

2. Examine the shape and lean of the tree.  Inspect the trunk for decay, weak spots, hanging limbs, and for any metal or concrete in or around the tree.  There may be charged lines hidden in debris or limbs.

3. Do NOT cut wood that is under tension, where one or both ends are trapped under something.

4. Plan an escape route from the falling tree before cutting.

If you have any questions, call a local tree care professional.  Log on to

Presented By: Tree Care Industry Association

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