Everyday Short Features

Ministry Monday through Friday

at 6:45 am and 6:45 pm - Upwords with Max Lucado.

 at 7:20 am, 1:20 pm and 4:20 pm - Real Family Life with Dennis Rainey, sponsored by Park Mazda of Wooster.

at 7:45 am, 12:20 pm and 5:45 pm - A Quick Word with Beth Moore.

at 8:20 am, 2:20 pm and 4:45 pm - The Alternative View with Dr. Tony Evans.

at 9:20 am and 6:20 pm - Footsteps from Trans World Radio.

at 9:45 am and 5:20 pm -  Dr. James Dobson Family Talk.

Ministry Everyday All Day:

- A Second Look At Sports with Dr. Dwight Allen.

- Decision Minute with Dr. Billy Graham.

- Get Hope with TWR President Lauren Libby.

- Hope Out Loud

- Jesus Freaks, Voice of the Martyrs

- Love Language Minute with Dr. Gary Chapman.

- Need Him

- Proverbs 31 Ministries

- Taking a Minute with Jason Anderson.

- Telling The Truth with Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe.

- Uncommon Moments with Tony Dungee.

- Walk the Way with Jeff Klein.

- You're Not Alone with Dr. John Vawter.

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