Scootergram - Scott Saunders, GM at WVMC FM

What are you Thankful for?

Congratulations to Pastor Bob Doerr, “RAD”, of Wooster Grace Brethren! He was the winner of our WVMC FM / Cut in the Hill Chalet Pastor Getaway! “RAD” and his wife will be heading away to Cut in the Hill Chalet near Hocking Hills for a 2 night stay! Thank you to everyone who bragged on their pastor at WVMC during Pastor Appreciation Month! My challenge to you is to continue encouraging your Pastor all year long!

Did you know WVMC FM changed formats? In July, we became “Total Praise”, lifting up the name of Jesus in praise and worship music 24/7! I received a letter a few weeks ago that went something like this, “…we stopped listening because we didn’t like the music…then we just flipped WVMC on one day….we love the praise and worship! We must start supporting you again!” Maybe you know someone who used to listen. WVMC FM is a listener supported ministry. Our ability to continue to share Jesus in music is totally dependent upon love gifts from listeners. So if you know someone who “used” to listen, let them know about the NEW WVMC FM, and ask them to support the station like you do!

As we move at what seems like breakneck speed toward Thanksgiving, I can say I am thankful for you, for your friendship, your faithfulness to the ministry, your prayer and financial support. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We’ve started a “thankful for” post at WVMC, and we would love for you to share what you are thankful for, just click on the slide. You could even call me at 419-774-9862 and share over the phone. Phone messages received could be used on-air in a special series my Intro to Radio Production Class is going to begin.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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