Mornings with Tammi Arender ~ 6am to 10am

Tammi ArenderTammi was raised in Tallulah, Louisiana which is in the northeast corner of the Bayou state. Tammi was raised a farmer's daughter and has deep roots in the Delta but pursued a career in TV and Radio. She graduated from the University of La. at Monroe. She anchored in the news in Monroe, Baton Rouge, and Nashville. She's also worked in radio in all three markets. She's been a freelance entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight and The Nashville Network.  She is the co-host for the CCM Radio Magazine show that is heard each week on Today’s Christian Music.  Tammi’s reporting skills have won her Associated Press awards as well as being cast in several movies as a reporter. Since that first small speaking role in the movie remake of one of her favorite childhood shows, “Dukes of Hazzard”, Tammi’s been cast in “Enemies Among Us”, Alabama Moon, and Flag of My Father, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and “51”, just to name a few.  She accepted Christ at the age of 12. She loves to read books by Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer and Rick Warren.  And she loves horses, harleys and anything outdoors!

 Middays with Wade McShane ~ 10am to 3pm

Wade first became interested in radio by winning radio contests when he was just 14. By 16, he was on the air. He is a veteran of mainstream CHR, AC, News/Talk and Oldies radio in his native Southern California, and his production has won two ADDY awards and five ADDY Certificates of Recognition. He was also a contributor to a Golden Mike award for earthquake coverage, and an Emmy-award winning CBS sports feature. And he's experienced in video and print work - everything from a doctor, lawyer, car salesman, and Ask Jeeves butler, to featured extra work in music videos and the original 'Saved by the Bell.'

After joining Salem, Wade served as Morning Show host from 1994-1999, during which time he met his future wife at, what else, an on-air remote. As Operations Manager, he continues to oversee much of the production, as well as his on-air duties. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly syndicated program, “The CCM Radio Magazine.” Wade married his beautiful wife Rachelle in April 1998. They have three sons, Matthew, Andrew and Jacob and one daughter, Anna.

Afternoons with Greg Goodman ~ 3pm to 8pm 

Greg has been in radio since the age of 17, now with over 20 years of experience. He spent about half of his career in secular radio before finding his way to Solid Gospel. Greg has won several March of Dimes Air Awards and was a top five nominee for “Large Market DJ of the Year” in the 2006 Singing News Fan Awards.

Greg Goodman is very at home behind the microphone. He should be. He's spent fully half of his life in radio, working in various formats. Greg delights in making others laugh. An admitted Diet Coke addict, he drinks two cans in a normal afternoon broadcast. His other admitted weakness is buttered popcorn. Greg likes to read in his spare time.

Greg has been blessed with a beautiful wife, Debbie and two lovely daughters, Maddie and Courtney. He collects Mallard duck decoys and enjoys reading fiction in his spare time.

 Evenings with Vance Dillard ~ 8pm to Midnight

Vance DillardVance is the Program Director for a couple of networks, along with WFFH-FM/WFFI-FM broadcast properties, all operated by the Nashville-based Salem Music Network. Dillard spent most of the 1970s working for full service adult AM stations, then the 1980s as program director for a top-rated station in Tampa. In 1988 he went to work for Jacor (now part of Clear Channel) and stayed with the company for 12 years. He spent one year of that time as WLW-Cincinnati operations manager and the rest of the time as program director of Atlanta's adult contemporary station, Peach-FM. Additionally, he served as the corporate adult contemporary brand manager, having programming oversight over scores of Clear Channel adult contemporary stations outside of Atlanta. Most recently, Dillard enjoyed a similar position with South Central Communications, owners of several adult contemporary formatted stations, including top-rated Mix 92.9 in Nashville. 


Overnights with CJ McKay ~ Midnight to 6am

C.J.was born and raised in Alabama, and attended the University of Alabama, graduating with a degree in Communications. A radio veteran of 25 plus years, C.J. has worked at some of the country’s top stations in St. Louis, Charlotte, New Orleans and Tampa (where he was named one of Tampa Bay’s most popular radio personalities). C.J. is an active member of his local church. He’s a self- professed electronics geek and cinema buff with an extensive movie collection. With a goal to lead many from a crooked path to the Light - C.J. says, “I live by II Corinthians 2:14 - Thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ!”


Talk to any high school senior. They are excited to be “in charge”, pumped to be “getting outta here”, and scared to death about the future; that’s all in the first 5 minutes of the conversation! Add to the fact that they are hosting a real radio show and there is no telling what will happen!

Jon and Chandran are a work in progress…an “experience” to say the least! So this year, the Zone has become “The Experience”. Jon and Chandran will add their own flair and personality to everything from music and movie reviews to devotions and thoughts on current events; and something about a “Joke of the Week”. They have promised to be good, Scott’s not so sure.

“The Experience” on WVMC FM!  Like us on Facebook at

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Scott Saunders, General Manager

Hi, I’m Scott, the General Manager of WVMC!

WVMC is a VERY, VERY unique radio station! It's one of only a handful of Christian radio stations across the country owned by a High School. WVMC is owned by Mansfield Christian School, and has been serving North Central Ohio since 1969. The station is owned by MCS, but draws no funds from the school. We are a totally self-sustaining, listener-supported radio ministry. Our goal is very simple - to encourage you in your walk with God, with up-beat, God-honoring music, and conversation friendly to you and your kids' ears. I want WVMC to be a station safe for you and your kids to listen to anytime!

At WVMC, I teach students the basics of radio, chat with you and manage the radio station. It's an interesting combination. At my last station, I complained that there was no place to train the next generation of radio. God really has a sense of humor. After being laid off in 2010, He places me at a radio station run by a school, where I have the fun challenge of training up the next generation of radio personalities! And that's my best description of this group - personalities!

You can reach me anytime at 419-774-9862, or send me an e-mail.  Thank you for listening to WVMC FM!

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