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This week's Artist Spotlight: Newsboys "You Hold It All"

I promised on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I would be featuring this Newsboys track on the Artist Spotlight, and here it is!  The first single from their newest project, "Love Riot".  The Artist Spotlight isn't sure if the Newsboys could ever make a bad record, because this disc is great!  Michael Tait and the Newsboys describe "Love Riot" as a simple statement of why they do what they do.  They keep creating new music out of love.  Love for God, love for their fans, and love for the simple act (and the Artist Spotlight would say ART) of making music.  See what is going on with the Newsboys when you click HERE.  Did you know WVMC is on Twitter?  Follow us!  wvmc_fm!
Newsboys Love Riot

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