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This week's Artist Spotlight: Iron Bell, "God That Saves"

God That Saves” is a song of adoration, birthed out of Stephen McWhirter's own story of salvation. Raised the son of a traveling evangelist, Stephen wanted nothing to do with the Jesus he saw in his abusive, earthly father. Around the age of twelve years old, he began to rebel, delving into a life of drugs and alcohol. Eventually, he turned to crystal meth, and was addicted from his late teens to early twenties.

 During this time, he was venomously against Christianity, but by the Grace of God, Stephen accepted a book given to him about Jesus. One night, at three o'clock in the morning, as he laid in bed with drugs next to him on the bedside table, he found himself reading the book. Suddenly, he could feel the presence of God in the room. A voice in his mind said, "I am real, so what now?" He began to weep, knowing it was God, and replied, "God, I want to give you my life

but I don't know how to be someone else; I don't know how to quit all of this?" Then, in a thought more powerful than words, the Lord told him, "You don't have to. I will!" Right then, Stephen gave his life to Christ, leaving behind years of addiction and surrendering to the relentless pursuit of the Psalm 69:20, God, the God that saves! The Sovereign LORD who rescues us from death.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Iron Bell is passionate about cultivating a heart of adoration in believers through creating music that leads people into the knowledge of God. Birthed out of encounters in His presence, our music invites people into a transformational experience where hearts are set free as we declare the truth of who God is. 

You can see the music video for "God That Saves" below.  Connect with Iron Bell HERE.


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