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This week's Artist Spotlight: Tenth Avenue North, "I Have This Hope"

The song is from their new album Followers, and is available now.  For Tenth Ave’s Mike Donehey, the song is a reminder that God is with him not only in his triumphs, but also in his tragedies.

"I want to believe that God is with me not only in my triumphs but also in my tragedies. After all, on the cross, even Jesus cries out, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!?’ As if to say, even when you go through times of doubt, even when you go through times of questioning, I'm with you even there. In fact, I've been there too.  Jesus is everywhere. He is enthroned in heaven, and He chased us all the way down into hell. So now, He is with us. Always. There's not a place we can go where God is not.”

-Mike Donehey / Tenth Avenue North

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Tenth Avenue North


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