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Every Thursday during the 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock hour, WVMC General Manager Scott Saunders and Tom Russell from
Heritage Christian Counseling Ministries sit down and talk about issues facing the family.

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Topic for January 22nd & 29th: The Foster Report

Scott and Tom talked from For The Record: The Foster Report by Gary D. Foster, B.A.  These trends, facts, and emerging realities are influencing you and your clients' world today!

Topic for January 8th & 15th: Beating the Holiday Blues

Here are is a link to what Scott and Tom talked about on Beating the Holiday Blues.

5 Tips For Beating the Holiday Blues by Nina Borum, The Praying Woman.

6 Ways to Deal with the Post - Holiday Blues by Rod Parsley, Daily Breakthrough

Feelings of discouragement are common after the holidays.  The excitement has faded, the decorations are packed away, and visiting relatives have gone home.

If you find yourself feeling down or restless but you do not have other symptoms of depression, such as difficulty sleeping or sudden change in weight, you may be experiencing what is known as mild depression.  In their book New Light on Depression (Zondervan), David B. Biebel, D.Min., and Harold G. Koenig, M.D., offer six self-help strategies to counteract mild depression:

  1. Surround yourself with constructive friends.
  2. Increase your activity - this will make you feel better and improve your mental outlook.
  3. Relax - a new twist on the old adage: "All work and no play makes Jack or Jill depressed."
  4. Helping others gives your life purpose and meaning.
  5. Journal - this activity provides insight into where you've been, where you are, and where you're going.
  6. Praying connects you with God, dispels loneliness and puts your problems in proper perspective.

Biebel and Koenig point out that these tips do not replace professional help for anyone who is more than mildly depressed.  If you feel you need help, don't hesitate to seek a professional counselor or therapist.

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