SEEING GOD’S GLORY - Week of April 3rd

By Judy Nichols

April 3, 2016


So often when we think of seeing God’s glory and power, we think of the beauty of nature or the power of crashing waves on the shore. These certainly are demonstrations of God’s glory and power, but there are other manifestations of it that we often miss or don’t recognize for what they are.

When Moses asked to see God’s glory, what happened? God put him in a cleft of the rock, covered him with His hand, and passed by proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness. (See Exodus 33:18 -34:7.)

May I suggest that if we want to see God’s glory and power, all we need to do is look around? Look at family members, friends, co-workers, your church, your neighbors. Heck, you can even look in the mirror! Everywhere we look we can see evidences of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Are we all walking in vibrant health and overwhelming victory, with all relationships in perfect order? Heavens, no! But the fact that we keep on walking in whatever measure of health we currently enjoy is evidence of God’s faithfulness. Continuing to battle whatever sin besets us is proof of God’s goodness. Enduring in working on hard relationships is a testimony of God’s power.

As I looked around my congregation this week, I saw God’s glory and power. I saw it in the woman who is in her second year of battling cancer but who faithfully attends and contributes. I saw it in one who was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure but still does her ministry. I saw it in the man with Parkinson’s disease who is unfailingly cheerful, even as his disease progresses. I saw it in a couple who grieve over a child’s poor lifestyle choices yet continue to reach out and be supportive. I saw it in one who may be facing an uncertain future.

The creation is awe-inspiringly beautiful and yet is nothing compared to God’s glory in the lives of His redeemed. The crashing waves and the fiercest storms are fearfully powerful, yet they fade to nothing compared to the power of God to change lives.

We will see God’s full glory face to face one day in the new heavens and earth. We will know His full power when we see the forces of evil doomed eternally. But as we wait for that time, let us not miss the glory and power we can see in the faces and lives of our struggling, sinful selves.

© 2016 Judy Nichols

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