COME AWAY - Week of April 17th

By Judy Nichols

April 17, 2016


An interesting sequence of events led me to a glimpse of God’s heart recently. A friend shared about how shocked she was when she fished a pen out of her purse and came up with one advertising a bar and grill in another city. She’d never been there and was concerned lest anyone think she frequented bars. She is an outspoken believer, aware that the world is watching, and doesn’t want to sully God’s reputation in any way.

Later, in worship, we began with the children’s song, "This Little Light of Mine," and proceeded to sing songs about God’s holiness and His deliverance. I was reminded of Psalm 40, verse 2 that says, "He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay."

Yes, God is holy. He is set apart, completely different from us. And His call to us is to be holy, to be different from the world around us, to be His own. To that end, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for our sins and deliver us from the sure destruction that is the wages of sin. He lifted us out of the quicksand, that pit of destruction, and washed away the filth of the world, so that we could be His own possession. The parable of the pearl of great price is applicable to God as well as to us. He saw us, filthy, dying, sinking in the mire, and gave up His most precious Only Begotten Son in order to buy the pit and rescue us.

Yet like little children testing the boundaries set by loving parents, we sit on the edge of the pit and dabble our feet in the very mire that we know can swallow us up if we give it the chance. What are we thinking? Have we forgotten the sinking feeling, the crushing pressure, the hopelessness and despair of life in the pit?

God did not rescue us and clean us up so that we could see how far from Him we could walk without losing our grip on His hand! He rescued us so that we could live in His embrace, skin on skin, as it were. His heart burns with love for us! He is calling us to come away from the pit, come away from all that defiles us. Run to Him! Run to His embrace, and never leave it.

This little light of mine cannot burn brightly if coated in mire. If we look like everyone else still in the pit, what motivation, what hope do they have of escape? God’s intimate presence is the oxygen that keeps our flame burning to shed light on those still in darkness. The closer we are to Him, the brighter our light.

God’s call to His own is this, "Come away from the pit and be Mine. Come away from all that defiles you and be Mine. I want you to be Mine." Do you want to be His?

© J.H.Nichols 2011

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