Highways To Zion - Judy Nichols

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Highways to Zion is a weekly devotional message written by Judy Nichols and aired on WVMC FM.

A STAGGERING THOUGHT - Week of January 17th

By Judy Nichols   |  January 17, 2016

As a loving parent, I always hated having to punish my children for their wrongdoing.

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GIVING THOUGHT - Week of January 10th

By Judy Nichols   |  January 10, 2016

The old adage to count to ten before responding to something that offends you or makes you angry is a good one, but Paul offers a better one in Romans 12:17.

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Handel's Messiah - Week of January 3rd

By Judy Nichols   |  January 3, 2016

I’ve been listening to Handel’s Messiah during the Christmas season this year. Besides being a fairly complete compilation of the Scriptures concerning the coming and ministry of the Messiah, it is an incredibly complex and beautiful piece of music.

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Happy New Year! - Week of December 27th

By Judy Nichols   |  December 27, 2015

Happy New Year! It’s an oft-repeated wish this time of year. It’s tacked on to the Christmas greetings we send. We go to parties in honor of the New Year. And why not? Newness is definitely a cause for celebration. We have a whole New Year ahead of us, three hundred and sixty-five all-new days. What will fill them? What opportunities will we have in the days of this year? What decisions will we face? What joys will be ours? What sorrows?

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A Verse to Live By - Week of December 20th

By Judy Nichols   |  December 20, 2015

Romans 12:12 says, "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." What a succinct statement of how we are to live! It pretty much covers everything.

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