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Highways to Zion is a weekly devotional message written by Judy Nichols and aired on WVMC FM.

A Saying - Week of August 16th

By Judy Nichols   |  August 16, 2015

A friend recently posted a saying on facebook: "When thinking about life, remember this: No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future." While almost everyone would agree this is a true and pithy statement, it leaves way too much unsaid. If you happen to be dealing with a sense of guilt in your life or if you are one of those who is prone to worry, this little saying (if you think about it) will probably leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and inadequate.

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Puzzle Pieces - Week of August 9th

By Judy Nichols   |  August 9, 2015

My three-year-old granddaughter has graduated from the puzzles that have individual pieces that fit into individual holes to jigsaw puzzles. Her mom helps her by handing her the next piece that fits into the last one and by doing the edge before the middle. Even so, sometimes she has trouble figuring out which way the piece should go. Often it just needs a quarter-turn to be in the right position but, when she tells her to turn it, she turns it too far or turns it over and then back and it’s still not right.

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Laws - Week of August 2nd

By Judy Nichols   |  August 2, 2015

There are laws and then there are laws. When we hear the word "law" we generally think of rules, things we must do or not do. There are traffic laws; there are rules of sports and games. There are criminal laws and civil laws. There are local laws, state laws, and federal laws. And there are the really big laws, the Ten Commandments.

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Big Birdies - Week of July 26th

By Judy Nichols   |  July 26, 2015

Just around the corner from my daughter’s home is a place where tree branches had grown around an electric wire. When the tree was cut down, they left the chunks of wood through which the wire ran just hanging there. While on a walk with the neighbor who babysits them often, my granddaughter noticed them and the sitter told her they looked like big birdies sitting up there.

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Sibling Rivalry - Week of July 19th

By Judy Nichols   |  July 19, 2015

Sibling rivalry is a fact of life. Who hasn’t heard – or said – "He got a bigger piece than I did!" Or, "She’s not doing her share of the work." Or from the back seat of the car, "He’s on my side!" My older sister and I shared a bed when we were little. She would roll up in the covers when she turned over and I would snuggle up close to her to keep warm. She complained I hogged the bed and I said she hogged the covers.

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