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Highways to Zion is a weekly devotional message written by Judy Nichols and aired on WVMC FM.

Double-Edged Sword - Week of May 3rd

By Judy Nichols   |  May 3, 2015

two-edged sword. God uses one of the edges on us. It pierces to the division of soul and spirit and judges the thoughts and intentions of our hearts. Just the other night I was reading one of the Psalms where the writer declares things he does not do because of his reverence for God.

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Loving, Kindness and Truth - Week of April 26th

By Judy Nichols   |  April 26, 2015

I just finished watching my two-year-old grandson for a few days while his parents took a little vacation prior to the arrival of his little sibling. I love my grand-children to the moon and back. I am the typical doting grandmother.

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Responsible Party - Week of April 19th

By Judy Nichols   |  April 19, 2015

Whenever you take your child to the doctor’s office and fill out paperwork, there’s always a place where you have to say who is the responsible party – who will pay the bill if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

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Conviction - Week of April 12th

By Judy Nichols   |  April 12, 2015

When David sinned by committing adultery with Bathsheba and then conspired to have her husband killed in battle to cover it up, God sent the prophet Nathan to confront him. God wanted David to know for sure that, even if no one else knew about his sin, He knew it. And while the judgment was harsh – Bathsheba’s child died and the division of the kingdom was foretold – it still was utterly merciful of God to give David a chance to repent. He could justly have struck him dead on the spot.

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Resurrection - Week of April 5th

By Judy Nichols   |  April 5, 2015

As I consider writing about the resurrection of Jesus, I grope for words. Reading the gospel accounts, they seem bare, factual, almost anti-climactic. The emotion just isn’t there. They leave me feeling like the disciples must have felt – I don’t get it. It’s real; I know it’s happened; I’m surprised and happy, but I don’t know what it means.

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