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Highways to Zion is a weekly devotional message written by Judy Nichols and aired on WVMC FM.

GIVE THANKS - Week of November 20th

By Judy Nichols   |  November 20, 2016

GIVE THANKS Psalm 136 begins with the words, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His loving kindness is everlasting."

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CONSTANTS - Week of November 13th

By Judy Nichols   |  November 13, 2016

For better or for worse, the election is over...

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REMEMBERING HISTORY - Week of November 6th

By Judy Nichols   |  November 6, 2016

Of all the commands God gave to the Israelites, the one they seemed to obey the best was to remember...

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GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - Week of October 30th

By Judy Nichols   |  October 30, 2016

We so frequently hear political candidates try to discredit their opponents by associating them with others...

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By Judy Nichols   |  October 23, 2016

With the election looming, I struggle as I consider what God may have in store for our country’s future...

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