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This week's Artist Spotlight: Dave Pettigrew, "Love is Here"

Worship leader Paul Baloche describes this song as “a big song with a strong message”.  Dave is a worship leader and recording artist from New Jersey, who’s opened for Mercy Me, for King & Country, Michael W. Smith, and others.  His album just released February 2nd.   Here's what other Christian artists have said about Dave:

Dave, with that voice, could make anything sound good, but 'Love Is Here' actually says something. We need him.” – Brandon Heath


My friend Dave has a big voice and an even bigger heart. ‘Love is Here’ is a big song with a strong message.” – Paul Baloche


I love the feeling of this song…and the vocals are inspiring. It’s rare to hear a new voice that I believe this much.” – Jason Roy, Building 429


"There is no greater example of love that we will see in this life than Jesus's love and His sacrifice personified through it. Ever since I was a young boy in Sunday school we’ve been singing “Jesus Loves Me”. This song is an extension of that thought. Jesus sets the example that we need to continue every day of our lives. Reach deep, love deep. Long for His love in your life. Share His love with others." - Dave Pettigrew 

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Dave Pettigrew 

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