Total Praise Artist Spotlight

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This week's Artist Spotlight: Brian Campbell, "Born Again"

BRIAN CAMPBELL MUSIC is the worshiping community led by worship artist Brian Campbell. We create music, experiences, training seminars, projects, and events that celebrate the exchange of God meeting with and changing His people. Our hope is that you simply meet with Jesus through this journey.   They partner with HOPE International through their WATCH WITH A MISSION program. It's so simple: buy a watch for $15. $5 goes to micro-loans through HOPE International. Micro-loans build businesses in areas of extreme poverty, creating ways for people to support themselves and affirm their dignity. Your purchase directly changes a life: and you get a killer watch! Available in Black, Gray, and Canvas.  More information about Watch with a Mission is under "Store" on Brian's website.  Just click the link below!

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 Brian Campbell

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