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This week's Artist Spotlight: Matthew West, "Truth Be Told"

Matthew West's new song is from his new album, "Brand New".  As a thirteen year-old preacher’s kid, I remember thinking to myself, I bet I’ll make it into heaven because of my family connections. But one afternoon while flipping through the television channels in search of a baseball game, I accidentally stumbled upon a Billy Graham crusade and my life changed. I can still remember the details of that moment when I travel back there in my mind. I can see the family room of that little house on Janes Ave. I can see my mom walking by with her laundry basket. And I can still see that blue couch. With the voice of Billy Graham in the background and the choir singing “Just As I Am,” my mom dropped her laundry basket and sat down beside me on that blue couch and asked, “Do you want to pray?” I held my mom’s hand and asked Jesus Christ to be the author of my story. 

Below is another video that might help you get to know Matthew West better.  It's called, "I Found God On A Blue Couch".  And yes, that is THEE blue couch!

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